Why I am running.


I am running to serve on the Howard County Board of Education based upon my belief that there is not a one size fits all solution for the growing needs of our students, teachers and community.  Howard County is a community of extremely talented, committed and knowledgeable people, and I welcome the opportunity to engage in honest dialogue with all stakeholders to identify measurable yet customized approaches in support of HCPSS children and staff. 

My public education was ideal in many ways, because I grew up in what was still a thriving, small town of educated and hardworking neighbors.  After forced desegregation, there was one public high school.  So, most families were familiar with one another in some form or fashion.  Throughout middle and high school my teachers were the same who had taught my aunts, older cousins and mother.  So, like me many of my classmates entered school without feeling unknown or invisible, even if we weren't fully aware of it at the time.  Conversely, my home life was far less than ideal.  I was able to maintain honor student status, be placed in G/T classes and serve as editor of the yearbook, despite running away from home in 10th grade and by just holding it together enough for things to appear fine on the outside.  I know that it was mercy.  It was also the care, concern and patience to sometimes fail in my behavior afforded me by highly qualified, compassionate and committed educators that enabled me to graduate.  So, I come from an experience of 1) understanding all of the reasons why children may act out in school and how to address their needs, 2) knowing the incredible impact teachers and staff can have on children who are dealing with trauma daily, and 3) recognizing what works and what does not.  

I have lived in Howard County for more than sixteen years and have served as a volunteer supporting our community for much of that time.  Through my experience as a River Hill Village Board Director and Director, Development Committee, HCPSS parent and Community Advisory Council (CAC) member, I have witnessed how divided we have become and how competing constituent demands have led to policies, processes and funding inequities that are detrimental to the stability of the quality of life we cherish.  As a member of the Board of Education, I am confident that my knowledge of Howard County policies at the School, Village and Executive levels and my personal experience/background uniquely qualify me to serve at this time in our County. 

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