County Executive Kittleman's Dilemna

County Executive Kittleman is projecting a 2.2% revenue growth for the County this year.  I am hopeful that his is an extremely conservative projection and that the actual growth proves higher. Regardless, HCPSS will still faces a projected $50m and increasing deficit absent County and State support.  So, what's he to do, because to fully fund HCPSS Operating Budget requests would leave many other county services depleted.  As a BOE member, I will be committed to putting forth recommendation for possible solutions and to determining the efficacy of those ideas through dialogue with the experts.  The good news about not knowing what you don't know, is that the not so obvious questions could lead to solutions that have been overlooked. 

My first recommendation... Executive Kittleman's team should request that the public provide input on spending priorities AND their corresponding cost saving ideas, because we can't have it all. In as much as each citizen makes demands, lets also be willing to take ownership for the outcomes.

My second recommendation...Identify areas of redundant/overlapping/duplicated County dollar allocation across the various programs.  Specifically, identify where there are programs and non-profits requesting increased or new funding from the County to support programs/services/etc. that are already being funded/requested/provided by other County funded programs?  

"The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying."   John C. Maxwell