Is the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) More of the Same?

The Equality of Opportunity Project asserts that testing outcomes, 65% of the measure of success for ESSA, are the best measure of teacher value.  Specifically the Project states, "We find that students assigned to higher VA teachers are more likely to attend college, earn higher salaries, live in better neighborhoods, and save more for retirement."

Unfortunately, their assertion is more of the same one-dimensional model on which public school programming has been based for at least 40-years.  Testing in HoCo shows that fully 55% of our children have not attained Level 4 or 5 on PARCC, meaning that they are not meeting expectations in English and Math.  

Is the full weight of that failure on teachers?  Absolutely not.  I believe that it is a product of mandated testing that does not account for Special Education, most General Education and other uniquely gifted children.  If elected, I will support efforts to innovate teaching and instructional programs through cost-effective industry partnerships.  We must see beyond the typical standardized test scores to support the whole child.