Campaign Update

This campaign has afforded me a first-hand view of the impact every Board of Education vote has in the community.  For example, this week Howard County Council made a bold decision to add $5.1m to the HCPSS budget allocation, avoiding yet another increase in the overall average class size for students.  And, given the issues with capacity and safety, it was the right decision to do something.  Unfortunately, the 24th hour decision will have a ripple affect.  The aforementioned $5.1m is being borrowed from a retired teachers benefits fund; HCPSS has no idea how to fund class sizes for 2019/2020; and we still have a substantial fixed charges deficit to overcome. 

Going forward, Board of Education decisions should be considered using data, performance metrics and must include considering the bigger picture.  Specifically, how will each decision affect the whole Howard County?  This has inspired me to write a plan for increasing our school revenue, beyond County and State funding - until such time as the latter is adjusted to meet the demands of the fastest growing County in the State, whose citizenry is increasingly in need of specialized school programs.